Biography of Raoul de Boer.

My name is Raoul de Boer and I’m born, raised and educated in The Netherlands. This is my personal website that gives some insights about my life, not in full detail but the major decisions that changed it. Before reading on you should know that the things triggering me are new technologies, nature, history, the news and The Internet.

My jobs and studies can be found in my resume. Besides work and study I have been a weary traveler and visited lots of remote places and famous landmarks in the world (39 countries and counting). All these travels resulted in various travel websites, which ultimately lead to a tiny online travel advice imperium that is ever-expanding. Lorenz butterfly

I’m very proud of two particular project namely and, which are both leading websites in their industry. Apart from working 24/7 I’m always ready to do some activities with friends, do some sports, play a videogame or check out the latest movies in the cinema.