HOT100 at PICNIC2010 Amsterdam

The HOT100 is a select group of young professionals that are nominated by their education, institution or company. The Hague University nominated me as one of their most potential students and asked me represent them at the PICNIC2010. On this event all the HOT100 worked together to find innovative solutions for problems that companies struggled with.

PICNIC Amsterdam presentation

Timeline for NRC Handelsblad

The focus of my Bachelor study is in the online research field so I was teamed up with NRC Handelsblad, a Dutch newspaper company, which aimed to extend their online activities. My team created a news timeline for the NRC Handelsblad website similar to the current Facebook timeline, keep in mind that it was 2010 and Facebook did not implemented the Timeline newsfeed. This idea was innovative and showed potential in the eyes of the critics and NRC Handelsblad. The NRC Handelsblad team choose me to present the idea to the professionals at the PICNIC2010, the picture above was taken during the presentation. For more pics check here and the full story here.
HOT100 Virtueel platform