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Throughout the years I have been working on various personal projects, just to learn, develop myself and create something awe-inspiring. I’m addicted to spawn and optimize websites on a large scale, which of course should outrank any competitor in the common search engines. Achieving this in any way possible. This hobby resulted in a life-project that is currently self-sustaining and growing naturally. Underneath here you will find the most rewarding and fun projects.

My love for Asia resulted in the acquisition of the domain in the summer of 2014. The previous owner didn’t do anything with it so I had to start from scratch. No problem. Since the end of 2015 became the number one platform in The Netherlands with travel information about Japan & Tokyo. In the SERPs surrounding any topic of Japan you w’ll definitely find my website. It is by far the largest website I have when you’re considering content.

In my travels around the world I was lucky enough to visit Colombia in 2014. This exceptionally charming country unfortunately has a violent and turbulent history which left its marks throughout society. Nevertheless, Colombia is definitely one of the most amazing countries I have ever been to. The country itself is beautiful thanks to its richness in nature and biodiversity. Add this to the tranquillo culture of the Colombianos and you get one overwhelming travel destination. was acquired in 2016 and is one of my focus projects at the moment. started out as my personal travel blog, where I described all my journeys around the world. It is currently more than only a travel blog, I’m also offering travel advice, tips and much more country specific information on it. Fun to read and I see it as some kind of a diary of my travels. Still some travelblogs to add to complete it!

Traveling around the world takes you to places that not many people (by people I mean tourist) have been before. The San Blas Islands is/was such a destination. Its pretty remote which makes it difficult to reach, pretty back to basic and out of the scope of the mass tourism industry, but hey its dazzling beauty, tranquillity and prissiness make up for every luxury that you’re missing. Plus there was no normal website about it? I just had to do something about that. is currently one of my most successful projects ever, as it has obtained links from Internet Giants such as CNN, National Geographic, HuffingtonPost, Van der Bilt University, Fox News and many more.

Annoyed by spammy advertisements I decided to create something that helps people block them. Taking organic traffic as a measure the website is by far the largest. Having around 1500 daily visitors isn’t a one time only but more like a daily recurring tidal. has been featured on,, and many more leading online platforms.

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