Hello, I’m Raoul de Boer

I write, erase, rewrite
Erase again, and then
A website blooms.

Raoul de Boer

Regardless of what we aim to achieve, life will always take unexpected turns. I’m an Organization Policy expert by mind and study, while my passions are aligned on new technology and manipulating search engines such as Google. Bringing both together makes one heck of a ride.

Nowadays, I focus my personal development in building extraordinary online experiences of my wayfarings around the world. It resulted in a beautiful network of internet projects such as Tokyo.nl, Colombia.nl, Zuid-korea.nl, Argentinie.nl, Ads-blocker.com and many more. On these websites I’m exploring the boundaries of ranking first in any search engine and yet creating awesome content to satisfy more than 250k of monthly users. Just to give them something to talk about.

Currently, I’m managing the Northern Europe SEO team at Just Eat Takeaway.com, one of the biggest food delivery company in the world. Just Eat Takeaway.com gives me the opportunity to learn and evolve my web optimization skills by testing and improving websites that generate at least mil+ daily users. Want to know more about Raoul? Check out my biography, resume or blog.